Suncatcher™ Shoe Dryer
Water’s Industries' Inc. two core competencies are UV-C and LED technologies. Our research development team is busy creating innovative products based on these core competencies that will help you with sanitizing, LED lighting, fight the winter blues and create a safe home environment for you and your family.
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Suncatcher™ Shoe Dryer

SKU – SSUV-0340

Price $29.99



The Suncatcher™ UV Shoe Dryer is a proven method of effectively dealing with drying out shoes and boots from malodorous feet. The Suncatcher™ UV Shoe Dryer fits all shoe sizes and is perfect for the following activities:

  • Track and field/cross country runners
  • Ice hockey skates and ski boots
  • Football, baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey shoes
  • Work boots, and every day shoes

Dries Your Shoes While Killing Bacteria

Eliminates Odor

The Suncatcher™ Shoe Dryer is a safe way to dry your athletic, work and casual shoes, boots and gloves. Shoes can be the perfect breeding ground for germs that can cause bacteria which in turn, can cause your shoes to smell badly. The shoe dryer does not use chemicals or sprays to mask the problem. The Suncatcher™ Shoe Sanitizer is easy to use! At night or during the day, just insert the Suncatcher™ Shoe Dryer into a pair of shoes, turn on the system, and an automatic cycle will sanitize in 8 hours and boots in 12 hours.

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Suncatcher™ UV Shoe Sanitizer Light

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Kit includes:

  • 2 Shoe Sanitizers (1 pair)
  • Control module
  • A/C Power Adapter
  • UV Warning Card
  • User Manual
  • Product Registration Card