Our Suncatcher™ products leverage the best LED technology to help people with their light therapy and sanitation needs. We strive to make sure all your questions are answered. Our FAQs offer answers for the most asked about features, benefits, and general questions.
Light Therapy, Sanitization, UVC, Chemical-Free, Winter Blues
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How often can I use the Suncatcher Light Therapy lamp?

Answer: Everyday! Position the lamp in a “10:00” or “2:00” position relative to where you’ll be about 18”/45cm to 24”/60cm from your face. Initially, start with the lowest light intensity. Experiment with the light intensity and session duration until you find a regimen that’s comfortable and effective for you. For most people, that’s 15 to 60 minutes a day, but your needs may be different. If you start to feel edgy – something akin to a “caffeine buzz” – you’ll want to shorten your session and/or lessen the light intensity.

Does light therapy give you vitamin D?

Answer: No, light therapy does not help the product produce vitamin D. However, the exposure of your eyes to light therapy has beneficial effects for your energy level and natural body rhythms.

How quickly does light therapy work?

Answer: Results will vary by person, 30 minutes per day should have most people feeling a difference within 2- 3 weeks.

How do I know if Light Therapy will work for me?

As always consult with your doctor to ensure light therapy is right for you especially anyone with a pre-existing eye or mood disorder.

Do sanitizing wands really work?

Answer: UV-C wands have been scientifically proven to kill bacteria on hard surfaces.

How long does it take to sanitize a hard surface?

It all depends on the type of surface.

Is 10,000 lux the most effective brightness option?

Well, that can be complicated.The short answer is it depends on your preferences. Lux – light intensity – has been studied up to 10,000 lux. The stronger the lux in combination with light placement (distance from you to the lamp) can mean shorter sessions.

However, studies have also shown that that lower lux works too. Although, it may increase your session time. That’s why Suncatcher is proud to offer light therapy products that give you brightness or lux options.

How far away should I hold the Suncatcher Thermometer?

Ideally, ½ inch to an inch away from the person’s forehead

Should the person’s forehead be clean?

Yes, ideally the surface area of the forehead should be clean of sweat and dirt in order to produce an accurate reading.

What is emissivity?

Emissivity is the ability of an object to emit or absorb energy. Perfect emitters have an emissivity of one, emitting 100% of incident energy. An object with an emissivity of eight-tenths will absorb 80% and reflect 20% of the incident energy. Emissivity may vary with temperature and wavelength.

What is the best way to clean an IR thermometer?

To be accurate, the Suncatcher™ infrared thermometers must be kept clean. To clean, use a soft cloth or cotton swab with water or medical grade rubbing alcohol and carefully wipe first the lens and then the body of the thermometer. Allow the lens to dry fully before using the thermometer. Never use soap or chemicals and never submerge any part of the thermometer in water.